If someone that is your loved ones or a family member, the tendency is you will feel empty and will be devastated of losing someone that is close to your heart. When the times like someone has died and something must be done during that time, tendency is that you will have a hard time coping up with the situation and the things that is more important in the situation. We have here a helpful tip in writing an obituary for that someone who just died.


There are different types of obituaries which some has photos and pictures in it while some have very short message like about up to 200 words.  The newspapers who would publish these obituaries will be paid by word or by line which is according to the deal of the client.


The person who will write obituaries will have the right to put everything he wants on the obituaries which is regarding the dead person like the deeds he used to do, the memories he left and the person whom he shared his life the most.


The usual death notices we have is the one who has the records of the information of that someone who just passed away. The person who passed away will be the one should be talked about in those obituaries, it should be regarding his deeds while he was alive in this world.


Of course the complete name, place of birth and the birth date of the dead person should be included in the obituary you are going to write. It is accepted that we include the names of the people who have been close to the deceased and the relatives of the dead person in the obituary you are going to make. We can also include the charities or it depends on the instructions given to the surviving relative of the dead person.


When writing an obituary, the funeral rites and the memorial service shall also be included. The obituary can also be more about yourself or personal information like the moments or the events that you have shared with the dead person. It is like including the dead person's achievement, education, hobbies, interests or the military service they have served or the organizations they have joined.


The achievements of the person who passed away shall also be included, like the contributions he had made to the community, the things that he has donated to the charity and the awards he got.


Also writing a part of poem, some quotations, and some bible verses is also advised to be included because it also serves as an expression of gratitude to the things the deceased has done.



Once the obituary listing is done, all you have to do is choose and contact a newspaper that will publish it. See more information about obituaries from